Monday, February 7, 2011

the centurian

Have you ever wondered ?
By the time you have counted hundred,
your eyelids have drooped down,
your face has lost it's frown
your sorrows have fallen short,
your seething anger-- long lost.
your life gets a second breath
and your tension has died its death.

Have you ever wondered..
When you have reached hundred?
That life will seem unending,
the world will seem so old
The people will look so familiar,
There will be nothing new to behold.
Your anger will be so tired,
your heart will be so wired,
That you wont know its you, who is breathing,
That its your own heart that is beating.
Life will have no attractions.
Death will play hide and seek,
Love will be beyond memories
Happiness a mere treat...

Have you ever wondered
If you don't reach a hundred?
That there is so little time to be happy,
And you are spending it in tears,
There is so much to explore in life,
You don't have so many years,
You have loved less and hated more,
You have healed less and made others sore,
That you deserve to be happy
And there is so little time
And until everybody else is in joy,
Your Lifesong will never rhyme.

How many hearts you leave sundered,
Have you ever wondered!


  1. this is sheer brilliance!!!
    reminded me of the poem 'IF' by Kipling
    phrases like 'tired anger' are very powerful

  2. thank you,
    to be mentioned along with one of the greatest poem ever is quite unbelievable
    but most of all nice of you have taken time out to read this
    keep posting..
    i would like a full story this time on your blog..