Saturday, May 1, 2010

who is the seventh horse?

some say (correctly no doubt)that a society can only progress as fast as the slowest,most backward section of it moves imagine that .1% of the society has progressed to a level that matches and outmatches the worlds topmost social strata,and therefore believe that indeed the country has advanced,is just that...imagination.which is why india is still developing,a huge mass is actually pulling it down and will keep on doing that till they can make some movement ahead!
to call it the classic indian crab tendency is a fallacy:these are handicapped crabs.they hardly can move themselves from their positions and r just about barely able to get food for themselves,to think they have the energy to pull a good crab down,well we need to rethink.
true they r slowing down the social chariot,like the proverbial seventh horse,but they really dont have the legs to carry themselves forward...
make the horse healthy,it will run again...
otherwise like surya's chariot we 'll miss the bus...
dont give them alms to survive,no charity please:make them strong enough to stand on their feet & rise in life,and believe this, that they will raise lives of everyone,,,,,


  1. Well as said by the 1st prime minister of independent India…the day everyone in India
    gets a toilet to use, I shall know that our country has reached the pinnacle of progress… More than 6 decades have passed and the result is almost negligible. Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh together are home to nearly 1/5th of the World’s poor.

    1 in 3 Indians remain illiterate due to low quality of schooling. Over 400 million people in India have no access to electricity.

    Only 53% of urban population have access to an improved latrine.

    1/4th of all the children that die and 1/5th of all the mothers that die every year in the World die in India….and the politicians claim our nation is doing excellent

  2. well said both of you. No charity pls. But..

    india mein kamane wala agar 10 hain toh khanewala hain to solve this? what in our own little individual capacity we are doing or can do? Is paying personal income tax enough?