Friday, April 30, 2010

the satvaan ghoda described

she(its a mare actually) goes by the name of pankti-- the youngest and the most adamant.she does not follow orders; always tries to run the other way.pankti is aruna's nightmare.just see her trying to run towards the left,just when the other six are turning right.this one horse always delays the surya,and makes him so late everyday,that one day every four years an extra day has to be aruna wishes that lord surya will allow him to put eye covers for pankti,just to make that wild beast more focused...but this child is surya's favorite.
pankti means a queue roughly,and this one horse is so much not a part of the queue.possibly she wants to make her own line!what impudence
all said and done it is he who determines the speed of the sun's chariot.
in Grecian mythology he/she is called philogen, the earth horse.
so much for the fables!
now its our turn....
more later


  1. A small but as usual a great piece! And as usual it keeps me wondering “Why this man is dealing with all hard and complicated machines. Would he not have made a great writer?"....... Well!! the seventh horse... can’t expect it to be as expected :)

  2. ha ,thats a bit too much
    thanks anyhow