Thursday, August 5, 2010

an ode to rain,life or death!

Life..floats in,unstoppable..
the glorious sunshine that blinds me after that sudden hurts all my senses but my ears...
I hear the clear crystals falling,
from the parapet..
onto the washed, pitch- black road,
Along the leaking asbestos roofs,dripping on to the plastic tarpaulins covering the urchins eating below....
life drifts in ....
Into the white shirt drenched with not sweat this time,
clinging and chilling the skin burnt in the summer sun,
for a moment i am anesthetized ...
life creeps in...
into my soul...
washing away my worries,my fears..
My dreams even....
just so that i can see new ones...
can you imagine eyes that don't blink,
when the raindrops fall on them...

the last two lines are from a poem by Mr Amit Rai,who is no longer with us,he died of blood cancer at a very young age of 18.
i have tried to complete the poem my way,it is nothing compared to what he wrote in his lifetime.this world missed another poet.......

i finally found the original verses
is it not beautiful
to come billowing down in silk
what your little son would tell
the neighbour's boy if he saw you do it
and he can't
where is your comrade who got pleasure
from making paper dolls
and he who yet felt happy
when any said he needed a shave
parachute trouble
machine gun trouble
dead. . .can you imagine
eyelids that won't blink
when the raindrops
drops on them. . .


  1. At last you have come up with your awesome portray in words...tremendous juxtaposion of life and death the two most contrasting still closely knitted matter...bewildering us with the fact... Death is life(life is death), it is all around, it is everywhere, ...

  2. dead and not death is just a symbol of a worn out attire. When rain drops on dead the worn out attire whom we love, falls, the dead does not react, do you know why?

    because, life from the dead has already taken its birth in a different attire. That life enjoys the rain drops..much like the song:

    ''Rain drops are fallin on my head...and keep fallin''

  3. accepted-bhagwadgita- but still accepted!
    what about the living dead
    the ones we meet everyday
    who get irritated at the rain because it comes in their way?

  4. Remember something, the ones whom you are addressing as living dead carries on with their duty towards themselves, their family, friends and foes alike in some capacity or the other.

    Not all moments can be enjoyed by all in all situations. Because of this only there is a diversity of human feelings, perspective and actions.

    Thoughts and actions are designed to compliment each other. The problem is when they do not compliment in some situations. In these cases, either we get carried away by our thoughts and act in a way that is negative on some other situation, we act even before we think resulting in guilt later on.

    My friend, no one is asking anyone to accept Bhagwadgita, but you know what, we all at some point or the other in life understand and then accept what is written there. You do not need to know the meaning of life to lead it, you can easily lead it without knowing. The beauty is, you will know eventually.

    If someone is not enjoying rain and getting irritated that does not restrict you from enjoying, nor you can vouch that he/she will not enjoy the rain ever.

  5. Grow old along with me
    For the best is yet to be
    The last of life, for which the first was made;
    Our times are in his hand who saith, 'A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!'

    Robert Browning - it is a poetry , but it says the truth of life.

  6. well well what words.i remember asha bhonsle once sayin on a music show-all of you sang my songs well,but to sing it perfectly,you would have to understand the song,and feel it,that feeling would come only from experiencing life,and you all are too young,to have felt life in all its dimensions,otherwise you all sang so well.

  7. my face has a big smile! with an interrogation frown. Do you mean to say, I do not have enough exp! but even if you mean this, you are correct. One life is not enough to get all the experiences.