Thursday, August 5, 2010

how do i label this?

Then they told me
this was life....
And they watched smiling ...
as i cried out loud,
no tears,no sound,
Just my heart giving that wrenching sound...
They even said
it would make me stronger
Watch us..They said
we have all been through this
I wonder..
Is this true?
Living with this much pain
Every breath an effort,
every breath a strain
living like a root canal treated tooth-dead
but holding,bearing,forced to stand,
thankfully not feeling,
and eventually cracking and then uprooted out of life....
each choice made by other,
life finished by one,
splinted by another
and eventually defragmented
till there is nothing else to take...
yes, they smiled again...
that is life...


  1. Well, irony is, we love to remember our painful moments and try our best to hang on to those memories. Happy and filling moments are somethings that we rarely cherish. Every breath is an effort, quite true, its a metabolic effort, but with the breath you are sucking life, now that feeling can be painful or joyful depending on your mental state.

    People you know, who are very weak mentally are vulnerable to pain only. Why can't we become vulnerable to happiness?

    Incidents that are painful needs one healer that is TIME. Give that healer a chance.

  2. pain makes us vulnerable,happiness makes us strong,like the graph of an alternating current they coexist,
    but the voltage fluctuations from life keep it from becoming a smooth curve,
    if only we could correctly forecast,at this point pain will stop,giving way to happiness;things would be so much easier
    that would not be the way of life
    though you are right about TIME,the greatest doesnt stop the pain,it just stops the blood,and gives you more strength,to take more pain.
    it keeps on ticking and telling us
    picture abhi baaki hai mere dost

  3. We are not created like air craft that can foresee turbulence and try to avoid those areas in sky.

    I am not sure I understood 'voltage fluctuations from life'...voltage is designed such that it fluctuates and adjusts to power. If our life is a smooth curve then we are dead, aren't we?

    TIME doesn't stop that pain, I agree, aur picture bhi baki rahega dost, lekin baki picture ko dekh ne liye, dosto ko ek sane mind aur open heart ki zaroorat hain bhai.