Saturday, October 2, 2010

a waste

this moment will not last forever
it will last for this one moment
and then be lost in the mists of past
one moment in future will be wasted
in regretting this one moment
two moments of happiness lost for ever.


  1. somewhere someday i read...the biss of a moment is still a bliss and the curse is still a curse....

    nice thought

  2. I Remember, I Remember
    by Thomas Hood

    I remember, I remember
    The house where I was born,
    The little window where the sun
    Came peeping in at morn;
    He never came a wink too soon
    Nor brought too long a day;
    But now, I often wish the night
    Had borne my breath away.

    I remember, I remember
    The roses, red and white,
    The violets, and the lily-cups --
    Those flowers made of light!
    The lilacs where the robin built,
    And where my brother set
    The laburnum on his birthday --
    The tree is living yet!

    I remember, I remember
    Where I was used to swing,
    And thought the air must rush as fresh
    To swallows on the wing;
    My spirit flew in feathers then
    That is so heavy now,
    The summer pools could hardly cool
    The fever on my brow.

    I remember, I remember
    The fir-trees dark and high;
    I used to think their slender tops
    Were close against the sky:
    It was a childish ignorance,
    But now ’tis little joy
    To know I’m farther off from Heaven
    Than when I was a boy.

  3. too good.thanks a ton.not that my write deserved it,but thats what friends are for,to make your small achievements seem extra special.

  4. Momments are basically designed to fly away in the blink of an eye, that's their deisgn limitation..they are ever changing and ever fleeting...momments are the whip-slash of time that is perceived with its fall on the siuation and not when its raised to slash and thats the truth. History in all times is a withness to this everlastting and immortal truth. All humans in all times had this insatiable craving to hold the fleeting momment into immortality and thats what which incubated all things good and bad, all elements of realization in the form of layers of knowledge as we know and percieve today. In short momments and their perception gave birth to the origin of human confict as we know today..

    Stay alive my friend to realize more fleeting momments..

  5. Thanks for ruffling me up like this, whatever was bothering me deep inside, your post and my comment on it made it float and finally erupt. No not finally erupted.. Its still bothering me as I write this comment.. maybe I was trying to thank you for the wrong reason. Maybe I should now thank you for stirring me from inside with a realization so inevitable..

    "...Miles to go before I sleep
    and miles to go before I sleep
    and there are so many promises to keep..."

  6. thanks everyone.the comments are worth much more than the post itself.

  7. your thoughtful comments on the commentor's blog will surely trigger the healthy interaction and who knows maybe be a enriching friendship in the near future..who knows what time has in store for us..

  8. very practical thought!
    nicely written too...
    i like the concept of a 'practical poetry'
    ..a supposed oxymoron?!