Saturday, September 25, 2010


What can i write
about a rainbow!
A rhyme,a prose,
a sonnet,an ode...

A beauty so rare,
Without it would we know
that violet and yellow jive?

That life has more shades
than grey.
That black is actually colors-
revealed only in the day

That once you break it down,
Life will burst through-
in all its pinks,reds , brown
greens,yellow and blue!

Can i write about the rain
making way
for the day end sun,
leaving a memory so exquisite
the riot of colours
and the bow unstrung

For only Ram could string it
across the three worlds
joining them all
in his quest for love

a love unfulfilled
unmentioned , unrecognized
the tragedy of errors
unforgivably politicized

Sita believed
and that sufficed
always waited
always sacrificed

At the end of the rainbow-
she lingered forever
where Ram would reach,
humans, never

Where the raindrops float.
and the sunrays bend
Where colours begin,
and eventually end


  1. Lovely

    I wonder why it takes such a convex turn. It starts, eventually reaches the maximum, then gradually starts to diminish and disappears. Is there any irony in it? God wants to convey, he repeatedly caveats... but we are just not ready to we reproach and blame him….he gives us the power to capture the moments...we never realize why? Because the moments are fleeting…they will never remain with us…they will pass. No matter how we beg, how we long for them...we don’t possess the power to seize them...rule is after all the rule…accept it or not.

  2. A thoughtful comment! Another perception may be that god is saying to us:

    ''Aim high but remain grounded, else focus n balance will be disturbed''

  3. wow!what comments. @oceansongs @homefood i need an explaination.
    Your comments are beyond my grasp of the language....almost like the pale parabola of joy:)

  4. Is it necessary, the subtle thoughts the sudden twist of sensory perception of the poet will get reflected in the same way in reader's mind? what i felt about your raam dhanu and the story behind i's your credit that i developed the thought...