Monday, April 25, 2011

21st April 2011

Finally rain...
The tired eyes,
Burning from the heat,
Blink in a perfect pleat.
Roads,parched by the vapid summer,
Soaked,drenched,washed;now shimmering in black,
Show in an evening;wet cozy,romantic,lazy.......
Wherever are you my friend,if not with somebody?
At least a book,a movie or a long-forgotten memory?


  1. memories are what we live for, they drive us either towards being sane or being insane but at the end of the day its "nothing but memories remain".... well written and even better expressed..

  2. Thanks,after a long time .....
    I have almost stopped writing now..

  3. but you can't stop expressing your emotions, feelings, thoughts and everything that is "YOU", so keep writing my friend...