Friday, July 20, 2012


Its been some time
    Since it rained
So hard,so 'deluge'-ic
    So unrestrained.
Its been some time
   Its been this dark
a cool mid-afternoon
  Without the sun's spark.
Its been some time too
 When there's not much to do
        No deadline to meet
Getting on a slow bus
   Choosing the longest trip,
        & just hope for a seat.
Its been some time
  When the rain
         Meant something
A smile
  A coffee
         At least a phone ring
A moment,a memory,
A small sigh
        A scrap or may be a tweet !
The all drowning,all masking
The pure chocolaty aftertaste
    The blinding aura of pain..
Its been some time,
  I wrote some lines.
Its been some time,
 Someone asked me to
& just as i sat down today
searching for my pen,
I happily realized
 I had gifted it too..

1 comment:

  1. Nice...heart warming ... My dubious thoughts often drive me crazy making me feel that I am the only 1 in pain... It's something very creepy.. waking up in the morning each day with the thought that I am no one in their lives... Still it's your lines that changes my mind making me think in a different way...