Tuesday, April 27, 2010

right from the horse's mouth

today is a sudden holiday...
i like them better than a planned day off,I'm sure others do too.u always have things to do in the latter,unplanned day offs r cool. Sp. if its a bandh, there's just nowhere to go out.thank god for the communists..(so called)they honestly believe that a day of strike will reduce all prices.
P.Chidambaram wrote 10 yrs back,that if only the general public sacrifices a bit on movies,and pays 1 rupee extra per kilo of rice,it will be a rainfall for the farmer and he will jump across the poverty line.he suggested public paying 14 rs/kg of rice from the present 13 rs/kg...
surprise surprise Mr HM..we r now paying 21 rs /kg and still our farmers r committing suicide..not to mention the gen.public which is slowly being drawn into the same vortex of self-destruction,after not being able to afford 21/kg rice.Why do the ministers think that everyone in city is better off than the farmer in the village?that guy has a land,and some work..and the city slicker has dreams..only dreams
back to what this blog is,or rather why this blog is...
do you really want to know!

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