Saturday, September 4, 2010

an ode to my sunglasses

Is it a tear
or a drop of sweat
you saw my hair,
Drenched in this kolkata autumn,
all wet
you saw the drop of sweat,
Begin from the roots of that solitary lock of hair
Flowing down over my eyebrow
the meandering stream
just managing to skim those few hairs,
Without wetting
and then dropping into the eye.
you waited for it
to catch some air..
Then watched it flowing down my cheek,
Picking up speed,as it found the groove along my nose.
Finally kissing my lips...
losing its way
touching my tongue
you thought you saw everything?
you just saw them flowing down my eyes
you felt them rest
you missed my tears joining them on their quest
know why i wear my shades even in shade....
i tasted it
it was sweat
after all


  1. nice!!!
    i appreciate the beautiful description and like the romantic fool behind the pen (which peeks out here and there throughout the blog)....thoughts coming directly from your heart and really are appreciable...makes me remind the awesome lyric 'oh how I wish rain drops would fall on my face'

  2. thanks a ton
    brilliantly romantic is possibly an oxymoron,its always a fool in love
    thanks again

  3. Right, our parents are fool enough to love us, our friends are fool too. By Love we only mean love from our desired partners..quite a thought!

  4. प्रीत वही जो पिया मन भाए !need i say more?????

  5. omg! y haven't you written the last lines:

    baki sare rishte bhad mein jayen!

    You can very well curl up in your own woven cocoon of piya/priya/love/dejection and not have any social circle at all. Well, you are not doing that. You have a social circle with whom you are sharing thoughts.

  6. this blog wasn't my idea.our common friend was the one who suggested it in the first place,if you order it will disappear from the face of both the worlds we live in...
    It wont change a single atom in this universe

  7. this has become a brilliant entertainment arcade...hope this debate will continue for long....practically romantic is also an oxymoron hence tamaam rishte naate has ke tod do :)

  8. I am too little a force to order and change anything in this world. I can only change my ecology to avoid any clash. I wish to avoid clash but not my the esoteric meaning pls...

    @annon:blood line is like this: chara le na chare, ki koribo tare...with age will come to experience this.

  9. @ HF: we cant deny the fact that creativity lineally comes from pain and suffering .. The outrageous but immortal dance form of Shiva, who madly loved Sati originated from his longing for her.

    @7th H: this world is too small in the entire galaxy so we are ....but as individuals we can significantly affect the entire world. WTC incident was the outcome of 1 master you never know, your piece of originality can inspire many more to start their own blog or to think in a different way...

    kudos buddies :)

  10. how about giving that all time classic dialog-"frankly my dear i dont give a damn"
    But i do...
    It is not so much for others that i write my blog,its for my own self.
    Someone has even decided to follow the blog,which is an honor,
    If this blog continues,one day, years later,i should be able to sit back and laugh at my past concepts,if i cant however do that,charles dickens would eventually be proven correct.
    Thanks all.
    Btb@homefoods,mythology is best read from original texts,rather than the net.even amar chitra katha is more accurate than the net,
    The bjp managed to change the hindu present day texts in a very biased way,specially where aryan mythology is concerned,
    I suggest you read the older texts written before 1985,written by our favourite leftists for an unbiased veiw.
    Cheers and happy reading